We work with experts at each stage of the editorial process. We can help you create and expand publishing projects in Spanish, from concept to the creation of specific books.

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The Latin American book market is dynamic and in constant growth. The region is attractive because of the business opportunities it offers to publishing houses from around the world.

Conversely, regional publishers are eager to cross linguistic barriers and offer their products to other continents.

In order to strengthen this dynamic, we offer consultancy services, market research, and development of specific market penetration projects to all publishers.


Spanish-Language Editorial Services

Publishing Industry Events and Projects

Internationalization of Publishing

We are committed to the idea of publishing gatherings. We believe in the benefits of participating in book fairs, seminars, workshops, and any other form of event devoted to the development of the publishing industry. with our experience, we can help you grow, improve, or develop any project, from concept to content development to logistics.